No body likes a green pool

It does not matter how it got this way, green pools are gross. I have yet to meet someone who can look at a pool like the one pictured here who thinks this looks inviting. There are several reasons your formerly beautiful pool now looks like this tadpole dream of a swamp. Maybe you bought a house that is a fixer-upper and this is on the “to-do” list. Have you had well intentioned renters that haven’t kept up with the maintenance? Are you a seasonal resident and just found out you hired someone who doesn’t hold the proper licenses and education to manage your pool’s chemistry?

No matter the reason, the important thing is getting your pool clean, safe, and inviting once again. You need a professional who has seen a scenario similar to yours and has been able to restore your pool to its former glory (or hopefully better).

What happened to the pool in this picture? Samples and pictures were taken to the local discount pool supply store where the homeowner was advised to just dump more chlorine or some random chemicals that the homeowner had to haul in the back of his nice car. These chemicals are corrosive, hazardous, and if used incorrectly can not only prove ineffective but could actually damage the pool and the equipment.

A seasoned Certified Pool Operator (CPO) would not only know to check for the presence of cyanuric acid, phosphates and other tests that will impact the safety of your water chemistry, but a CPO will know what to do with those test results.

It does not matter how it got this way, green pools are gross. Fortunately, at Wave 6 Pools we love taking your pool from gross to gorgeous with our Green-To-Clean services. Mention this article for a free estimate.

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